About Arts&Ideas

Founded in 1984, the Arts & Ideas program at Lewis University has ignited a passion and appreciation for the arts, and fostered greater cultural and community engagement. We provide students with the opportunity to ignite their curiosity, learn from renowned artists and scholars, engage with a diverse community, and explore new ideas. From thought-provoking lectures, panel discussions, and film screenings to captivating stage productions and musical performances, Arts & Ideas offers a diverse range of artistic and cultural experiences…free and open to the public! In a typical year, we present close to 200 events, making Lewis University the cultural and artistic hub of the southwest suburbs.

The Arts & Ideas Lewis program reflects the integration of several Lewis University programs under one umbrella. Coordinated by the College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communications, Arts & Ideas is comprised of the Performing Arts Series, the Ideas Series, the Wadsworth Family Gallery, the Phillip Lynch Theatre, and Jet Fuel Review.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

Dr. David Livingston-President of Lewis University
Mark Swain-Interim Dean, CoHFAC
Dr. Mike McFerron, Program Director and Professor of Music
Dr. James Tallon, Program Director and Professor of History
Dr. Dennis Cremin
Sandy Hafey
Dr. Joseph Kozminski
Dr. Mike McFerron (co-director)
Hayley Miller
Alfred Morales
Dr. Simone Muench
Dr. Mardy Philippian
Michael Progress
Natalie Swain
Dr. James Tallon (co-director)
Dr. Kevin Trudeau
Dr. Rachel Wells
Lewis University
Dr. Michael Cunningham
Dorothy L. Mavrich Cultural Arts Endowment
The Brother Paul French, FSC Arts&Ideas Endowment
Private Donors

Arts&Ideas FAQs

FAQ for Audiences

What is the Arts & Ideas program?
When are events? Where can I find a list of Arts & Ideas events?
How much does it cost to attend Arts & Ideas events? Do I need a ticket?
What time should I arrive for an event?

FAQ for Students

What do I even need Arts & Ideas for? Why should I come to these events?
What time should I arrive for an event?
How do I get Arts & Ideas credit? I heard I need to scan something? What do I do?
How is my attendance at events recorded?
How do I get my QR code?
  1. The QR code generator page can be found here, or by clicking on "Get QR Code" in the black bar at the top of the Arts & Ideas website. (On mobile: you must click on the three lines in the black bar, then "Get QR code")
  2. Erase the text "Enter Student ID" in the box. Then, type your Student ID number without spaces or dashes. All Lewis University Student IDs begin with an uppercase "L". (Example: L0023456)
  3. Once you have entered your ID correctly, hit "RETURN" on your keyboard. Your unique QR code will instantly appear below.
  4. On your mobile device, simply take a screenshot of the page to capture and easily access your QR code in the future. For computer users, right-click the QR code image and select "Save Image As" and save to your desired location.

How do I know what events I have attended?
I have a class that starts when an Arts & Ideas event is scheduled to end. Can I leave the event early and still get credit?
Why don't some events give Arts & Ideas credit?
Guidelines and Reminders

FAQ for Faculty

Who can host an Arts & Ideas event?
How can I schedule an event for the Arts & Ideas calendar?
How can I ensure that my event gets Arts & Ideas credit?
How do I get a room for my event?
How can I check or keep track of student attendance for my event?
Our event used to receive Arts & Ideas credit, but we did not receive credit this semester. Why?
   I sometimes hear about Cult&Civ points. What are they?
Who do I contact with questions about hosting an event?