Students: Attending Online Events | Checking in/out

  1. Click the link on the Arts & Ideas calendar a few minutes before the event is scheduled to start. Most events will be hosted through either Zoom, WebEx, or Collaborate.
  2. Performing Arts Series and Music Department events will be streamed on YouTube. Simply click the link provided for the event.
  3. For Zoom, WebEx, and Collaborate events, ensure your microphone is muted upon entering the platform.
  4. At the conclusion of the event, A&I staff will post a link to a form in chat. Click the link to submit your Lewis ID number.
  5. On the form fill in all fields and click the submit button. Be sure to include the ā€œLā€ at the beginning of your Lewis ID.

Fall 2020 Performing Arts Series

Streaming Throughout the Universe this Fall!


October 12, 2020 ā€“ 7:30pm

Streaming Here!

"Rohina Malik, the hugely talented writer-actress at the center of the Victory Gardens solo show "Unveiled," is a remarkable new theatrical voice in Chicago. In her rich, upbeat and very enjoyable 70-minute collection of five character studies of Muslim women in modern-day America, Malik gives voice to characters from whom we hear far too little in the theater." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Racism. Hate crimes. Love. Islam. Culture. Language. Life.

Five Muslim women serve tea and uncover what lies beneath the veil in this critically acclaimed one-woman show.

Monarch Winds

Date Change! November 12, 2020 - 7:30pm

Streaming Here!

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An Evening of music from the Romantic era featuring three seminal works by Beethoven including an arrangement of his Egmont Overture, Op. 84 for woodwind quintet. Since 2011, the Monarch Winds have provided woodwind quintet programs at Lewis University in Romeoville, St. John's the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Lockport and other various social venues in Will County. As the in-resident woodwind quintet at Lewis University, Monarch Winds provides cultural enrichment opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and communities in the Chicagoland area.

Fall 2020 Performing Arts Series (PAS) events will be live-streamed!

Please join us by clicking the streaming links at the time of the concert or play. As though you were attending a live concert or play, please arrive approximately 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. Say "hello" in the comments!

Important:PAS events will not be recorded or archived. Once the event is over, it will not be rebroadcast.

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