Students: Attending Online Events | Checking in/out

  1. Click the link on the Arts & Ideas calendar a few minutes before the event is scheduled to start. Most events will be hosted through either Zoom, WebEx, or Collaborate.
  2. Performing Arts Series and Music Department events will be streamed on Vimeo. Simply click the link provided for the event.
  3. For Zoom, WebEx, and Collaborate events, ensure your microphone is muted upon entering the platform.
  4. At the conclusion of the event, A&I staff will post a link to a form in chat. Click the link to submit your Lewis ID number.
  5. On the form fill in all fields and click the submit button. Be sure to include the "L" at the beginning of your Lewis ID.

Spring 2021 Performing Arts Series

Streaming Throughout the Universe this Spring!

The Greatest Speech of All Time

February 25, 2021 – 7:30pm

"Mooney mines the words of great historical figures from Socrates to Winston Churchill. In other words, his source material is strong. In a shrewd move, Mooney mixes in surprise offerings with the speeches we've all heard before always brought back on track by the power of those great words." - Matthew Palm, Orlando Sentinel

Ten speeches, including Socrates, Frederick Douglass, Abe Lincoln and more! Searing, powerful dances of rhetoric and inspiration, leaping across the chasm of history! Mooney explains, "I love being able to bring moments of historical consequence, where great deeds hang in the balance, to immediate and tangible life."

The Greatest Speech of All Time leads the audience through the words that shaped history, as they were being spoken. Tim Mooney's special proclivity for recognizing and interpreting the shades of irony and hyperbole which informed the oratory, and his ability to untangle the "spaghetti" of centuries-old syntax, recreates these events, enabling the audience to experience the moment when everything hangs in the balance!

Aionios Trio

April 26, 2021 - 7:30pm

Join the Aionios Trio for an amazing and inspiring evening of chamber music by Fauré, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and others. Established in 1998 at Northwestern University, this piano trio has delighted and amazed audiences throughout the Chicagoland area with their pristine performances of some of the greatest music from the Western canon. "Aionios" is the Greek word for everlasting.

Spring 2021 Performing Arts Series (PAS) events will be live-streamed!

Please join us by clicking the streaming links at the time of the concert or play. As though you were attending a live concert or play, please arrive approximately 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. Say "hello" in the comments!

Important:PAS events will not be recorded or archived. Once the event is over, it will not be rebroadcast.

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